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BGS Aurora See instantaneous geomagnetic activity (BGS - British Geological Survey)   (New Image)Shetland aurora cam          (New Image)More webcams

Twitter Great for pics

Met Office Space Weather Forecasts              NOAA Space Weather Prediction Centre (SWPC)             Aurorawatch Flicr Photo map

SDO image of the sunImage showing visible solar diskImage showing visible solar diskImage showing solar diskImage showing solar diskImage showing solar disk

(New Image)Charts above from SDO showing latest HMI Magnetogram, Intensitygram (Sunspots), AIA-193 and 211 images (Coronal Holes) and AIA-094 image (Active Regions)

Chart showing GOES X-Ray flux for solar flares

(New Image)Chart above showing GOES X-Ray flux for solar flares from ASSA   (New Image)Check Proba2 for further in depth solar flare data

 Chart showing Geomagnetic activity from BGSAuroral ring plot

Picture (above) showing (New Image)BGS Geomagnetic activity for the UK and above right the auroral ring from SWPC

 Chart showing Geomagnetic activity from SWPCChart showing Geomagnetic activity from Potsdam

Chart above from SWPC showing geomagnetic activity over past 3 days.                                            and from Potsdam over past 24hrs

Click here to subscribe for BGS aurora alerts Gives an indication of when aurora are/will occur or here for SWPC (Space Weather Prediction Centre) alerts

Chart showing visible solar diskACE SWEPAM plot from NOAAACE SWEPAM plot from ASSA

(New Image)Chart above from SWPC showing Solar Synoptic Map                                                                    Picture (above) showing SWEPAM plot from NOAA for ACE/DSCVR spacecraft                                         Picture (above) showing SWEPAM plot from ASSA for ACE/DSCVR spacecraft

LASCO C2 image of sun from SOHO SatelliteLASCO C3 image of sun from SOHO Satellite

Image above from SOHO showing latest SOHO C2 image    Gif                              Image above from SOHO showing latest SOHO C3 image     Gif

REF Model from NOAAGOES16 >=2MeV Electron Flux

Above plot shows the Relativistic Electron Fluence Model from NOAA                                                                                                                              (New Image)and GOES16 >=2MeV Electron Flux (above right) from ASSA

Spaceweather Great site for news and info. of sun-earth environment

Chart showing picture of STEREO-A locationPicture of latest sun view from STEREO-AGif showing view of sun from STEREO-A

Plots above from NASA showing location of various spacecraft around the sun  and views of the sun

Graph of recent sunspot cycles

(New Image)Plot above from Solen.info showing recent sunspot cycles

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