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BBC Weather/Met Office Charts


WxCharts Great website for model data


Met Office ASXX & FSXX Charts

Archive 1851-2010 some charts missing)

Archive 1998- Present (00Z ASXX Met Office)

Met Office 6 Day Charts

ECMWF 3 - 7 Day Charts

JMA 8 Day Charts

DWD 4 day Charts

 ICON 7 Day Charts

GEM 10 Day Charts

GFS 16 Day Charts (now every 24hrs)

 Java (avn,cmc,gfl,nogaps,ukmo)

Met Office 3 month outlook

Met Office 6 month outlook   Ensembles


Sat24  Vis or  IR

Sat24 Europe Loop

NOAA North Atlantic Composite IR


 Allmetsat World Composites

RealEarth Worldwide Composite Image

EUMet Worldwide Composite Image

Berlin Institute Met 9 IR&Vis (NW Europe) 3 Hrly

Karlsruhe Institute of Tech Met 9 IR&Vis (Full Disks - Global)

HRPT Images                  NOAA Weather Service

NOAA Archive 1974 - Present

 Earth Observatory    MODIS Gallery     Sat Pic Links

NOAA Satellite Tracking       NASA Earth Obs Fleet

CIMSS blog         MO Research news 


NW Europe Hrly Temps

    UK Max and Mins            North USA Temps. 

850hPa 16 Day Ensembles

Meteograms (Europe) Click on tab

 Upper Air with archive from 1973-present) Select 'Gif: Skew-T'      Upper Air2 

Upper Air Sig Wx          Euro          Atlantic

Sun/UV / Ozone       UV obs

Sea Temps.     (archive 1968-present)

Radar Charts      Reservoir Levels SW England

     Met OFfice CETs     TORRO Extremes     MO UK Extremes

   UK Climate Summaries

Climate Observations

CO2 Global Monthly Mean 

(Lightning Gif) SFERICS(Thunderstorm Gif)

UK  and Worldwide Sferics


UK & Europe Obs Charts  Plots 7 Day archive

EARS ASCAT       AMSR Satellite Derived Ocean Winds

Snow Depths      Snow map         SAIS


Historic Station Data      


NLC reports    NLC Detector   and here         Stratospheric Warming and here and here  and finally here


Met Office WOW

European METARs Past 24hrs single list (scroll down) EGTE METARs

European Civilian METARs & TAFs Group lists (Click MET)

NOAA METARs      & TAFs  Single

TAFs/METARs Archive 2005-present            Orbify       (Decode)



MO Holiday Climate      City Climate Stats (Ignore all the ads)

(Hurricane Gif)WARNINGS Tornado gif

Met Office Shipping Forecast           Map         Listen     NPR

Met Office Inshore Forecast   Map

The Weather Window (Frank Singleton's sailing !)


Worldwide Severe Weather         Europe

US Convective Outlook


Tides  and here from MO       SEPA Floods      EA Floods Maps          Cams

Tsunami Alerts    Map    Sea Levels       Atlantic Hurricane        

 Air Quality (AQ)    AQ Europe Obs     AQ Forecasrt 

Pollen Forecast     MO Pollen Reports      Midge Forecast

Weather&Climate            uk.sci.weather     WeatherWorld     COL     The Weather Outlook (TWO)    WXForum.net   Weather discussion groups (some require registration)    Weather Info 

Met Office Weather&Climate News   Ddigital Archive     Youtube     News Releases      Events       Vacancies        Pinterest       Videos     Podcasts      MO Sci Twitter      Open Days

(New Image)Met Office E-mail notifications

Oregon Scientific For weather instruments

(Anemometer Image)      (Latest hourly MET9 Infra-Red Satellite image)  (Anemometer Image)  

Chart above shows the latest MET9 Infra-red Satellite image from Wetterzentrale

Chart below shows dust concentration near ground from Athens University

(Latest hourly MET9 Infra-Red Satellite image)

 Exeter weather forecast.

1. WeatherNews - WNI  2. Met Office  3. Metcheck  4. WeatherQuest 5. WeatherNet 6. British Weather Services (J.Kettley)  7. WeatherOnline 8. Accuweather 9 WeatherWeb (WCS) 10. MetDesk 11.. WeatherAction  12. AMI/Weather3000   13. NetWeather    14. MetraWeather 15. TWC 

Health Warning

Sources of meteorological information on the Internet are not guaranteed and therefore must not be relied upon. Many of the links given here are provided by Universities which have no operational requirement to ensure that the information is up-to-date. Also, the information provided by the National Meteorological Services, such as the Met Office, via the Internet is not part of an operational service.

You are reminded that the Internet is not part of an operational system. ISPs can and do take their systems off-line for maintenance with no prior warning. In particular, the system should never be relied upon for information. Many sites provide information that has copyright restrictions and, in general, the information must not be used for commercial gain unless permission has been obtained either from the Meteorological Service concerned or from the provider of the information. All links are believed to be correct as at the date at the top of the page Thank you for visiting this site. If you have any comments then please click on the icon

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