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(New Image)BBC Sport Latest news      Scottish Premier Football League       Dundee Utd News Official Site (Thanks Grant!)   (New Image)Exeter Chiefs Rugby Union

Cricket Check out latest matches



Broadband Internet   

BT Openreach Check when superfast fibre broadband is coming to you from BT Wholesale

PlusNet an ISP with a great broadband product 'up to 17Mb/s' broadband from 13.49 unlimited usage.  ISP Review  A useful site if you're fed up with your current ISP    Updateuk.telecom.broadband Newsgroup with users Q&A's.  and for FAQ's to Broadand questions

REINorSHINE Read this if you're having broadband connectivity problems

Samknows is a great technical site. Click on the map on the following link to find nearest Updateexchange May need to zoom out.   Another great website with multiple filters ThinkBroadband

21CN services limited to 24Mb/s. High speed internet access via Fibre to the Cabinet/Home (FTTC/H)                    FTTP has potential to reach a maximum line rate of 2.5Gb/s

BT Unlimited Superfast Fibre Essential 36Mb/s from 24.99            BT G-Fast 330Mb/s

Virgin Media from 28month broadband and home phone at 50Mbps download

Broadband Finder Tool Find the best package.          Speed checker SpeedTest (Requires flash -m try Chrome browser)

BBC Future of broadband (article from 2009 but still worth a read) 

Wireless Internet

Mobile phones currently use  4G Offers on average 15 Mb/s      Use OpenSignal to see 4g coverage maps   5G  Read more about it (June 2020)

Wi-Fi BT Openzone Wire-free internet browsing.

Security  Want to check out that latest 'friendly' email warning? then click  Hoax-Slayer or try another great site Snopes


Telephone/Mobile Phones/Tablets

UK Telephone Tariffs Residential tariffs. Check out BT's (Big Thief's) sky high charges!! Looking at the tariffs Call1899 is still (just about) one of the cheapest (Oct 2015) at 0.5p/min for most calls. Also a number of international calls are 1p/min. Registration required with payment by direct debit. (New Image)Shell Energy offers fast fibre (35Mbs) and lie rental  for 18/month (scroll down).

VOIP has had lots of publicity with 'free' phone calls using broadband internet access Skype provides computer software for completely free calls Skype-Skype

Check out Peak-Rate for cheap international calls from UK. When on holiday it's best to use a local sim card abroad Update0044

Compare mobile networks

Android  See what the latest version is? ( v11 - Oct 2020) see previous Android versions

Firefox OS Operating System for mobiles from Mozilla Firefox

Thinking of buying a mobile phone? GSMArena is a good website to compare mobile phones specs

Samsung Galaxy S9 Pay many 100's for a great android mobile phone or buy Update Moto G8 Power Lite (one of the best value for money mobile phones at around 150) from John Lewis

WillMyPhoneWork? - useful site to check if your mobile will work with certain networks

Text to switch and end mobile contracts PAC  / STAC (Ofcom)

Youm Technology Flexible screens now available !!

UpdateBest value tablet?  Amazon Fire HD 8 (2020) 90      or Apple iPad from 329

Register and stop unwanted 'Cold Callers'/JunkMail/Spam UpdateTPS/FPS/MPS/e-mps Take cold calling companies to Small Claims Court  Which? report form    For mobile phones text OPTOUT to 80057 see Which?

Spam Texts? Forward to 7726

Slamming Read here for OFCOM info about account switching without your consent

Yellow Pages  Find the address and telephone number of any business

BT Directory Enquiries (118 500) 10 Free searches a day. Also try  UKPhoneBook (118 365) Find telephone numbers and address from name and town (requires registration - Also click through the advert that appears at start).

192.com Find people - Limited searches from Electoral Roll data



BBC World programme for netheads >Click

BBC Technology Good source of up to date techy info

Windows 10 / Windows Edge Read TechRadar review about Microsoft's new internet browser and their brand new OS - and it's (currently) free!   Download Windows 10 here (Gaurdian link)  (New Image)Further instructions here (The Verge link

Office365 MS full Office suite, online, for 5.99/month         or try Office Online for FREE access to Word / Excel etc (if you have a Microsoft account

GSuite Offering from Google from 4.14/month

Chrome OS - Google's operating system          not to be confused with Google's Chrome browser available here

NFC Near Field Comms embedded in mobiles are making cash redundant

Engadget Website with news about all the very latest gadgets, also a UK gadget magazine to have a look at is T3

Clove Technology Voted one of the best retail websites by PC Pro magazine

UpdateSmart Home Google Home 59        UpdateAmazon Echo 89       Hive Active Heating 179         Nest 219              Comparison of Smart thermostats by uSwitch



Consumer Direct Best website for consumer rights

Consumer Rights Act (2015)

Ombudsman Complaints See this Which? guidance article

(New Image)Small Claims Use in conjunction with CEO E-mails to get results in complaining

Jobmatch Find jobs online (Used to be Jobseekers)

UpdateMet Office Social Media Twitter, Facebook, Flickr etc 


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