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Some photos taken on the West Highland Way with 5 friends, during a 6 day, unprecedented sunny spell, way back in May 2000, when the sun shone upon us the whole way - well almost the whole way.

Mile 5 (below)

This is me on Day 1 with Dumgoyne Hill (1402') in the background (Photo 1)

Mile 14 (below)

Can anyone tell me what Mushroom / Toadstool and what the blue bit (with a letterbox) is?  Taken in Garadhban Forest....... (Photo 2)

Mile 16 (below)

.....and me again with Conic Hill (1175') (Photo 3)

Mile 17 (below)

Loch Lomond near Conic Hill summit 

 (Photo 4)

Mile 27 (below)

Ptarmigan Lodge by Loch Lomond...

  (Photo 5)

Mile 29 (below)

....and a bright morning looking across Loch Lomond to Tarbet 

 (Photo 6)

Mile 35 (below)

Loch Lomondside bathed in sun

(Photo 7)

Mile 60 (below)

Bridge Of Orchy over the River Orchy.......

(Photo 8)

Mile 62 (below)

......and finally Loch Tulla on a gorgeous calm morning

(Photo 9)

I'd just like to thank Mags, Andy, Aidean, Thérèse and big Wullie for their great company over the 6 days and for helping me through the pain barrier that lunchtime at Tyndrum by buying me a Solero ice cream. It did wonders for my legs !!

(Loch Lomond WebCam)

Above is the latest webcam image of Loch Lomond from www.lochness.co.uk

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West Highland Way: Glasgow to Fort William: Route Guide with 53 Maps, Places to Stay, Places to Eat (British Walking Guides)  West Highland Way: Trailblazer British Walking Guide: 53 Large-Scale Walking Maps & Guides to 26 Towns & Villages, Glasgow to Fort William - Planning, ... to Eat (Trailblazer British Walking Guides)

The West Highland Way (National Trail Guides)  The West Highland Way (Footprint Map): A Footprint Map-Guide to the 95 Mile Route Between Milngavie and Fort William (Footprint Maps)

West Highland Way Official Site

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