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Last updated on 13-Apr-2023 09:14

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This is review of............'Harry Potter and the Goblet of Stone' by J.K. Rowling and 'Beyond Black' Hilary Mantel


The first thing you notice is the thickness of the book and at over 600 pages long it will give you plenty of reading time. The content of the book is not so comforting, however.  It is definitely darker than its predecessors and is more serious. 

 To sum it up itís more grown-up in its content (the characters are becoming moody adolescents, with love interests) and also its language. I can imagine younger children who have maybe heard the earlier books finding the sentence structures more challenging even though the chapter ending cliff-hangers are still there. 

Having said that itís still one of those books that makes you feel distinctly cross with anyone or anything that distracts you from it. I would recommend setting aside a whole weekend for it and having a slave and/or willing friend to cook for you.

Harry Potter is the best thing to happen to children's literature since Roald Dahl and is great for adults too to relive those holiday childhood days with Enid Blyton, C.S.Lewis and Tolkien.

'Beyond Black' Hilary Mantel

This book reminded me of a Margaret Attwood book which featured a spiritualist church. I was a bit puzzled about what exactly had happened to Alison in the past. I particularly enjoyed the relationship between Alison and Colette, this was the real strength of book. I also enjoyed the descriptions of the neighbourhood that they moved into in a bid to escape from Alison's ghosts. A satisfying yet disturbing book about life and death-literally.


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