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Radar Charts

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SEPA Rainfall Totals Previous 36hr totals for Scotland


England 24hr Rainfall Totals Check for Flooding Service


Archive  - 14years ago to present 


Rain Alarm World-wide ages if available


Met Office radar

MeteoRadar 5min zoomable radar images

(New Image)RadarEU Radar covering much of Europe

Picture of rainfall radar from Jersey Met Office

(New Image)Picture above shows rainfall radar from Jersey Met Office

Picture of satellite derived global rainfall

Picture above shows satellite derived global rainfall every 30mins from NASA's GPM Constellation

Picture of French rainfall radar

French rainfall radar image above from Meteo60

Click here for Met Office radar

 Picture showing lightning strikes (sferics) over Europe

Picture showing lightning strikes (sferics) over Europe (above) from Euclid

Click for Google Maps radar

15 min data loops from RainToday - brilliant! and also from Netweather

Radar image for the UK from the Met Office or click here for a 3 hour radar loop of NW Europe and here for a 3 day loop

Click here for French radar (Annoying adverts though)

Latest available Spanish radar here

 Radar Image of Rainfall over Northern USA

Radar image composite (above) from NOAA (Storm Prediction Centre)

UK rainfall totals 18-06UTCUK rainfall totals 06-18UTC

Left side overnight rainfall 18-06UTC                                                                         Right side daytime rainfall 06-18UTC

UK rainfall totals (above) from Reading University

UK rainfall - this months totals (up to current day)

UK rainfall - this months totals (up to current day) (above) from Reading University

French rainfall totals

French rainfall totals in past 24hrs (above) from Meteociel  

Radar Links        Met Office ASXX & FSXX

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